The AUTHORITY BOOK Marketing and Sales program for Progressive Professional Service Firms

  • Your Company is seen as THE Leader

  • Your Principals are seen as The Authorities.

  • Your Book generates clients

  • More Quality Leads and Clients with easier sales

  • More Exposure and Opportunities

  • More referrals


Who is this for?

  • If you are a Professional Service Provider firm such as Accountants, Advisors, Law Firms, Business Services, Health, Medical and Lifestyle with multiple Principals or several Key Personal then this is for you.

  • If you are in a crowded and very competitive market and are looking for an edge over your competitors.

  • If you are looking for a Client Generation tool that works for you 24/7

How it helps you grow your business

  • This unique program follows a formula that has been very successful at combining:

  • Authority Positioning and Client Attraction with

  • Branding and Lead Generation through Book Publishing and

  • Enhanced client conversions with the powerful F.L.O.W. Selling method.

N.B. Your key personnel and team are taught scientifically proven techniques that convert quality clients in less time and no pressure selling.

Your program has been built as a complete Business Growth Program that requires minimal disruption to your business yet will deliver on going results. You get:

  • Authority Positioning coaching for the Business and Key Personnel.

  • The complete book writing, publishing and promotions to the level of your choice.

  • Individual lead generation funnels from each chapter and

  • Sales training that will increase conversions, referrals and networking results turning Readers into Revenue.

Step 1
Create YOUR Unique Position

Step 2
Publish and Promote Authority Book

Step 3
Collect and Convert Leads to Clients



Financial Advisors

Steve in the first 3 months we have tripled our leads and doubled conversion rates by implementing the system.

Clyde Gonsalves

Yellow Brick

Solar Commercial Finance

I used the Blueprint Sales System on our first call and secured a $500,000 per month contract. I’ve been in sales for 15 years, but this takes it to a whole new level.

Chris Murray

Platform Energy Finance



After stating in the training “I’m a Dentist I don’t Sell” he created a new program, positioning and billing system and added 7 figures to the practice.

Gautam Herle

Creator the Teeth For Live System


Property Investment

Steve, thanks to your Blueprint and Sales Training we have doubled our membership and added a high-level investment group to our business.

Lorna Willis

WOW Property Group

The Value of your Book

Steve when I first started working with you, we had 8 staff, we now have 21 and have gone from $5mi

l to 20mil in turnover.

My book has been in the top 20 for 3 years now.

I think about you guys often and how you have helped my business.

Kate Prior

Face2Face Recruitment

Steve, you have officially doubled our business and exceeded our comfortable capacity in just 6 months.

The repositioning and new treatment packs added 20% immediately.

The business book took it to a whole new level.

Matt Maguire

Hip to Toe Podiatry

“Book has helped business go bananas”

2 new referral partners who wouldn’t talk to us before

“I wasn’t ready for this “

“Steve Thanks for your work in repositioning us. We wouldn’t be where we are without your guidance and innovative way of thinking”

Matthew Clark

Steve my first book landed a TV Interview and in was bookstores in the first 8 wks. The 2nd book generated $235,000 in business.

Andrew Crossley

Mortgage Broker

Just 4 days after launch podcast requests, the interviews, the speaking requests, my coaching fees, everything is exploding because the demand is just insane. That’s what a best seller does for you.

The Authors Unite marketing knowhow behind the book was amazing.

Charles Schwartz

After Authors Unite launched my book to best seller, I landed my first $30,000 Keynote with several more that followed.

My business has just exploded.

Christopher Kai

Business Strategist and Money Mindset coach.

Becoming a Best-Selling Author has been the single biggest

‘thing’ that made my business take off.

Jolie Dawn

The Authors Unite best seller marketing system is amazing. 2,000 copies sold first day and it has 10X my business.

Melitsa Waage

Meet the Creators

Tyler Wagner

Founder of Authors Unite where he has helped 4,000+ people become bestselling authors on various bestseller lists including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, USA Today, WSJ, and NYT.

He is a #1 WSJ Bestselling Author himself and the host of The Tyler Wagner Show podcast.

He also helps people scale their business with his company Partner Profits by increasing people’s referral relationships.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Authors Unite

Steve Brossman

Steve is a multi-Amazon Best Selling Author in Marketing and Sales and an in demand international consultant and coach. His soon to be released F.L.O.W. Selling ‘How to create a stream of quality in a hurry to buy from you’ is already making an impact in sales results.

He has 20 years TV and Video experience including hosting his own Network and has been an Executive Producer for Warner Bros.

He has created several 6 and 7 figure multi-national businesses of his own, including inventing and marketing an environmental product selling 4 million units into 26 Countries and is the creator of PodGuest Profits.

Steve has spoken in 15 countries and trained over 65,000 Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Business Owners to Stand out and deliver More Clients, Faster Sales with Less Stress.